Review for “Unknown Desires”

 written by Serena Yates for Rainbow Book Review

This is a story about emotions, fear, and coming to terms with needs that may not be regarded as “normal” by a large section of society. The main character, a young man named Michael, is nineteen, but he has experienced a few things in life that make it particularly difficult for him to be as self-confident and certain about what he wants as some of his peers. His back story only emerges slowly, so some of his hang-ups only begin to make sense partway through the book. Michael is the narrator throughout, and the fact that he talks about events in first person and present tense makes everything seem more immediate. Mr. John’s perspective is missing from the tale, so he remains somewhat of an enigma throughout.

If you like D/s stories where a beginner learns about what he wants, if a more experienced Dom leading the way is your thing, and if you’re looking for a read that feels pretty realistic, then you might like this novella.


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