“UNKNOWN DESIRES,” released September 29, 2017


“Michael, come to me.”Her voice has that silky tone that always sets my heart to pounding. Today is the day and I have no idea what to expect. I rise gracefully to my feet in one smooth motion as I’ve been taught. Standing straight with my shoulders back, my chest out and chin up, I walk directly to her, my eyes remaining straight ahead.

The man standing with her is taller than I am, about 6’3”. He’s built bigger than I am and I suspect he’s older than me though I’m nineteen so that isn’t a surprise. I can feel his eyes inspecting me.

My nerves are getting the best of me but I don’t move. I control my breathing and wait for my next command. Domme Shannon told me that she had found a male Dominate she believes I’m compatible to serve. I had been stunned and I’m not entirely comfortable with belonging to a man. My family wouldn’t ever accept it. But I’d requested that she find a Dominant she believes will be best for me, regardless of gender.

“Come, Michael,” Domme Shannon says, leading me from the small, sparsely decorated bedroom. She and the man walk casually in front of me, letting me get small glimpses of him. He’s muscular with dark brown hair the same shade as mine. He’s wearing an expensive suit but I can’t spend much time looking him over. I’m led into the office. They sit and I’m instructed to kneel on the floor beside the man.

“Michael Edwards, this is Mr. William Johns. He is looking for a long-term partner and I know that he can give you the guidance you need. Look him in the eyes and answer his questions,” she commands before turning the interview over to him.

Most Doms do not want eye contact. He’s different.

He is nice looking with a strong jaw line. His cologne is pleasant, smelling of some kind of spice. He looks over a folder in his hand, taking his time, letting me wait.

“Michael, most of your hard limits are things that I don’t do.” He pauses as he continues to read. “There are some things that you haven’t tried yet, you marked them as things you would be willing to have demanded of you. Is that correct?” He watches me closely.

“Yes, Sir,” I answer.

“If I demand something and you decide that you can’t tolerate it again, we can discuss changing it to a hard limit.”

This statement requires no reply but my stomach twists as I wonder what he’d like to demand from me. The room falls silent as he looks through the rest of my paperwork and places it back into my folder.

“You are looking for a full time placement and you are employed full time?” His voice is deep and gravelly. It has a sexy quality to it.

“Yes, Sir.”

“What type of work do you do?”

“I work for a construction company, Sir,” I reply. My nerves are increasing as this interview continues and I center myself again.

“If we decide to make this a long term partnership, will you be willing to quit your job?” he asks.

“Yes, Sir,” I answer, but I feel conflicted about it. It’s a great job for someone without an education.

“You’re nineteen?”

“Yes, Sir,” I reply.

“Would you be willing to attend college?”

“Yes, Sir.” This is a surprise. I’d given up the idea of going to college.

“Good,” he says. “If I take you on as my submissive, my rules are not up for debate. I am very strict and trouble will not be tolerated. Punishments will be as severe as required and you knowingly agree to that?”

“Yes, Sir,” I answer. I need this from him and hope fills me unexpectedly. Until now I hadn’t realized how much I needed this. Why do I like the idea of being punished by this man? The idea that something might be wrong with me grows spontaneously.

He looks to Domme Shannon and nods.

“Michael, go wait in the hallway,” she commands.

“Yes, Ma’am,” I answer.

I take a place far enough from the door to allow private conversation. I stand at parade rest with my feet at shoulder width apart, my arms behind my back. They come out of the office half an hour later.

“Michael, gather your belongings. You’ve been accepted into the service of Mr. Johns. Do not disgrace me. You will not be accepted back here if you mess up this opportunity. Understand?”

“Yes, Ma’am,” I answer quickly. “Thank you.”

“You’ve done well and you deserve this. Don’t keep your Dominant waiting.”

I walk briskly to my room and grab my bags. I’ve had them packed since I was told I had an interview today. I hadn’t known what to expect. Another trainee stated that most males are taken by women. I don’t know if that was at their choosing or not. I hadn’t set any such parameters on mine. I wasn’t told until today that a man had been found for me. My feelings, though conflicted, are happy if I’m honest about it.

Carrying my bags, I find Mr. Johns waiting by the door. “Come,” he says simply.

I follow him to a black SUV. Another man waits by the car and he opens the door for Mr. Johns before taking my bags. I wait as he opens the trunk and puts them inside. He then opens the other door for me.

Once in the back seat beside Mr. Johns I sit straight as I’ve been taught. The silence stretches and I begin to inspect my fingernails. It’s an old nervous habit. Mr. Johns’ hand covers mine, stopping my fidgeting. Electricity shoots through me and my breath catches.

“Look at me, boy,” he says and there is a subtle difference in his tone now, strong and demanding. “I expect eye contact unless I tell you otherwise, and no fidgeting or I’ll punish you.”

I meet his eyes for the second time. They are a deep blue and his dark brown hair has a slight curl to it. At a guess he’s in his early thirties. He looks a little like Liam Hemsworth, only more muscular. He is a handsome man.

“You will call me Sir or Mr. Johns. I will not repeat an order. You are to obey any command given immediately. I will give you a copy of the household rules when we get home. Failure to follow them will result in punishment whether you are aware of the rule or not. I suggest learning them quickly. I will add rules specific to you as I get to know you better. Do you understand me?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Good,” he replies. “Do you have any questions?”

“Yes, Sir,” I answer. My voice sounds nervous even to me as I concentrate on not picking at my fingers. “I was wondering how I’m to pay for college if you want me to quit working?”

“I will pay for you to go to college,” he answers. “I want you to be well educated and you’re still a young man.”

“I’m not sure I would be comfortable with that, Sir,” I answer.

He nods. “You don’t need to be.”

My head is swimming. “I feel like a prostitute.”

“No, you’re not being paid for sex. I want you at home and I want you educated. It’s a win-win for us both. Don’t over think it. I’ll go over the classes with you and decide what will benefit my schedule.” He watches me silently for a few minutes. “I will not waste my time or yours if I feel this isn’t going to work out. Is that clear?”

“Yes, Sir.” I wonder what else this arrangement will entail…


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Book Review

Doms Have Always Been Sexy!

It took years for me to decide what I liked and wanted Sexually. I had lot of responsibility put on me at a young age. When looking for a partner I wanted someone who could lighten that load. Someone that could give me some sort of balance. I had spent so much time as the leader who took care of all the problems that I wanted someone that would make the decisions at home.
Movies also played a part in my desire’s. John Wayne was the epitome of what a man should be. He was tall, strong, handsome and in charge. In the movie McClintoc the scene of him chasing his wife to give her a deserved spanking was not only amusing it was sexy. In those days it was sexy. In those days it wasn’t unusual for men to express their dominance in such a way. Televisions “I Love Lucy” had more than one episode ending with a spanking. Elvis Presley also earned some respect in the movie “Blue Hawaii” after spanking one of the young women that had gone out of her way to cause trouble.
My point is that in that era it was expected and sexy for a man to seize control by force at times. And the line between abuse and spanking was not a thin one at all.
It is common that Alpha males sometimes seek a woman to dominate them. It is a way to relieve the tension that builds inside after spending so much time carrying the weight of the world on their shoulders. I admit I know little of that part of the lifestyle but I’m learning more and more.
Sex has often been an outlet for stress and BDSM is an extension of that stress relief. Some will always consider it as aberrant sexual behavior but as long as both parties are consenting adults and agree to limits there is nothing aberrant about it. Both the Dom and sub want the arrangement and enjoy their parts. That is NOT abuse.
Now I have a question for you. When did you first realize that you were attracted to the BDSM lifestyle?

Work In Progress

I’ve been working on a story that I can’t wait to share with all my readers.
It is a Erotic Romance/BDSM, M/M. I don’t have a release date yet but I’ll let you all know when I do.

It’s a novella and although I’m not ready to reveal its title just yet I will say that the characters are very easy to love. It sizzles so if you’re not into anything too spicy this is not for you. However if you’re into something a little hotter than sweet kisses by the fire and walks in the rain this might be just what you’re looking for.

In a world full of uncertainty it’s difficult coming of age for a young man that never knew his father. His aunt raised and loved him but she couldn’t teach him how to be a man or how to figure out and accept what kind of man he could be.

Michael feels alone although I think we all know that he isn’t, not really. The world is filled with young people trying to find their place and decide who they want to be. For Michael, a young submissive, meeting Mr. William Johns an experienced Dominant finally forces him to search for those answers.

Together they can go places that Michael had never known existed. From the moment they meet there is a passion between them that won’t be denied. For Michael it’s time to accept who he is or give into his fears and lose all that he’s gained.

For more information on this story and others visit my website: http://www.jlkramerbooks.com

My Stories and the Muse that Writes Them.

I’ve been writing as long as I can remember and making up stories long before I knew how to write them down. Some of these early stories got me into a lot of trouble and on some occasions got me out of trouble as well.

I always enjoyed seeing the reactions of my few friends that I allowed to read my stories. It made me feel good to see them laugh at something my main character said, or cry when something unforeseen happened to a character that they had grown to care about. That has stuck with me. Although for many years I didn’t have the time to write stories anymore, I still had characters and ideas for stories come to mind. I wrote some of the ideas down and others I decided to forget about but I always hoped that one day I would have the chance to write and bring some of those characters to life.

I admit, I never expected to be writing anything romance related since I love to read fantasy, science fiction, horror and adventure. However when my muse decided it was time to write she already had the story brewing and I had no idea where she planned to take me. I felt a little like Bilbo Baggins taking that first step out onto the road and being swept away. I know these stories will not be acceptable for some people and that others may even be offended by them and that is okay. After all no one can force you to buy or read a story that doesn’t interest you. For the rest of you, those with a sense of curiosity about things you never dared to try, or those that have and enjoy sharing an experience with characters you like and that may even seem familiar. I hope you will open your hearts and minds to the stories that swept me away and the characters that I still want to invite to the holidays.

I have a few Novels in various stages of preparedness and a Novella will soon be going to an editor. I will keep you all apprised of my progress and hopefully someday in the near future I will have an announcement for a release date on one (or more) of these stories. Until then I will share some of the experiences that led me to create the characters I write about. And the places that they take us all as we travel the road together.

Free Your Mind and the Rest Will Follow

This is the post excerpt.

As a writer it’s important that I understand what readers like. In my research I discovered that gay romance mostly the M/M type is extremely popular. The news that BDSM was also high on romance readers book lists was less surprising, largely due to a popular series that I won’t name here. Personally I had no issue with the books or movies since I was unfamiliar with the lifestyle at the time. I was however aware that others did have issues and after doing my research I now understand why.

I began writing a series of books that has BDSM and abuse at it’s core. I was attempting to illustrate the difference between kinky consensual fun and abuse. During this time I was talking to a friend about the story I was writing. The conversation moved to some of the aspects of the BDSM lifestyle that some still believe to be abhorrent. I thought about it for a minute and then I asked a simple question.

After all the years you’ve been married would you let your husband tie you up?

The answer came immediately. NO! This person is a very good friend and she knows more about me than anyone. I know her and her husband very well also. They love and support one another and they have a good marriage. They’ve been together for a very long time, both before they were married and after. I believe they will be together for a long time to come.

This one question however didn’t need any thought. We’re both open minded and we’re both capable of hearing a reasonable sound argument. Giving it enough thought to decide if  we might possibly be missing something that could change our point of view. (Although we both do tend to dig in our heals when we believe we’re correct.)

My point I explained is that in this type of relationship trust is vital. To gain someone’s trust you must prove that you are a person of your word. You must prove that you will put the other person’s needs before your own in some cases. Mostly my point is that it is monumentally difficult to fully give yourself to another. Believe it or not you do this whether you are a Dominate or a Submissive.

Most of the “vanilla” couples I’ve known over the years ended up leaving one another largely because of a lack of trust. I admit that I was a sub for a while and I did enjoy the lifestyle but I never found the perfect Dom for me. I was never able to reach that point of complete trust. I have many theories on that but I won’t share them. Still I have to wonder. Who has this right and who has it wrong?

Both ways can work if everyone involved does their part. But in a BDSM relationship there are consequences for not doing your part. There is accountability and balance. There is respect and, believe it or not, it does go both ways. These are adults doing what they want to do in the privacy of their own homes or in a public dungeon where privacy is also safe guarded.

It seems to me that the best relationships are those that contain the trust, honesty, and safety that so many other relationships lack or lose somewhere along the way. After all who has the healthier relationship: the couple where one has enough trust to allow her/his partner to tie him/her up, gag her/him and then do wickedly fun things to him/her while totally helpless and then once released spend time talking and caressing one another. Or the relationship where there is an endless battle for supremacy and a lack of trust that probably can never be filled?

Everyone is different and everyone has something that turns them on more than anything else. But if you’re afraid to share that with your partner than you never get to have that fantasy fulfilled. Not everyone wants to be tied up, or be spanked or burned or choked or degraded. Just as everyone isn’t satisfied by a three minute romp in the missionary position and then left unsatisfied as their partner rolls over and falls asleep.

I’m not trying to sway anyone into or out of anything here. I’m just saying that as long as both parties agree to the activities taking place and both are old enough and sane enough to understand what it is that they are consenting too. And of course as long as there is a way that either party could end the activity with a single word at anytime. What’s wrong with what they’re doing?

Remember not every bell is rung by the same striker.