My Stories and the Muse that Writes Them.

I’ve been writing as long as I can remember and making up stories long before I knew how to write them down. Some of these early stories got me into a lot of trouble and on some occasions got me out of trouble as well.

I always enjoyed seeing the reactions of my few friends that I allowed to read my stories. It made me feel good to see them laugh at something my main character said, or cry when something unforeseen happened to a character that they had grown to care about. That has stuck with me. Although for many years I didn’t have the time to write stories anymore, I still had characters and ideas for stories come to mind. I wrote some of the ideas down and others I decided to forget about but I always hoped that one day I would have the chance to write and bring some of those characters to life.

I admit, I never expected to be writing anything romance related since I love to read fantasy, science fiction, horror and adventure. However when my muse decided it was time to write she already had the story brewing and I had no idea where she planned to take me. I felt a little like Bilbo Baggins taking that first step out onto the road and being swept away. I know these stories will not be acceptable for some people and that others may even be offended by them and that is okay. After all no one can force you to buy or read a story that doesn’t interest you. For the rest of you, those with a sense of curiosity about things you never dared to try, or those that have and enjoy sharing an experience with characters you like and that may even seem familiar. I hope you will open your hearts and minds to the stories that swept me away and the characters that I still want to invite to the holidays.

I have a few Novels in various stages of preparedness and a Novella will soon be going to an editor. I will keep you all apprised of my progress and hopefully someday in the near future I will have an announcement for a release date on one (or more) of these stories. Until then I will share some of the experiences that led me to create the characters I write about. And the places that they take us all as we travel the road together.

Author: J. L. Kramer

I'm a writer from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. I began writing at an early age completing my first screenplay at the age of twelve. I continued writing journals, poems (that were admittedly horrible) and songs. At the age of fourteen I wrote my first novella. I was widowed in the year of 2000. My mother, daughter and sister give me the courage to wake up every morning and face the next blank page and blinking cursor. I love animals and have two dogs and two cats. My best friend Kathy is my biggest fan and reads everything I write (regardless of how trashy it is). I'm also her biggest fan because she is also the one person that keeps me sane. I love music and grew up playing two instruments and dreamed of being the drummer in a rock band. I also love traveling and hope one day to make it to Europe. I would especially enjoy going to Ireland and exploring the entire island.

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